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The Basics

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a media screening device by Google that enables you to cast your favourite entertainment from your phone or tablet straight to your TV. It is now supported in your room so that you can enjoy your own content on this TV.

How to cast

Just tap the Cast button from a cast enabled app on your phone or tablet to send shows/movies/music/games to your TV.


What devices are supported?
iPhone ®, iPad and Android devices.
What apps can I use?
Discover a range of free subscription or paid content from 1000+ apps. View complete list
Do I need the Google Cast app?
No. You won't need the Google cast app, but you may need a free app that connects your device to the TV. Just follow the instructions on screen
Will casting use my mobile data allowance?
No. Once your device is connected to the WI-FI, it will not use your cellular data.
Will casting drain my battery?
No. Your battery is only used to initiate the stream. Once you select your content it is streamed from the cloud to the TV, leaving your device resources alone and saving your battery
Can I use my device while casting?
Yes, Once you cast, you can use your mobile device for other things while your entertainment continues to play on the TV.
How do I stop casting my media?
Simply tap the Cast button for options to disconnect.
How do I switch apps?
Open a different app and press the Cast button within the app to override what is currently casting to the TV.
Can the next guest in my room view my content?
No. All of your credentials are stored on your own personal device and are never entered in the room TV. Your device is automatically disconnected from the TV at checkout
Is there a charge to cast?
No. There is no fee to cast. However, the property you are at may charge for access to the WI-FI which is required for casting.